Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Broken West visit Daytrotter

The Broken West visited our friends at Daytrotter a while back, and you can listen to the session & read the stories behind the songs here, read the interview here, and check out the silly "Lasso'd" feature here!

The Broken West perpetual tour continues here!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Morning Radio Archives

The Clientele regaled the listeners of KCRW in Los Angeles on Morning Becomes Eclectic Thursday, May 24th. Listen here! Don't miss The Clientele on tour!

The Rosebuds visited WNYC's Soundcheck at almost the same time on Thursday, May 24th for a stripped down session and chat with host John Schaeffer. (cool audio player below!) And, The Rosebuds are on tour! Here's a fantastic report of their New York show at the Bowery last night!

And here are archives of a couple of recent Arcade Fire radio interviews:
Richard on Q104.3's "Out of the Box" with host Jonathan Clarke.

Tim & Jeremy on WNYC's "Soundcheck" with John Schaeffer.

Arcade Fire are on the West Coast this week finishing up their US Tour!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ghostface Killah vs Spoon!

Mash up action Here!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Broken West Tour Diary #4: "Take Your Band to Work Day"

The Broken West are back on tour! Here's a recap from their time on the road with the Walkmen.

March 8, New York
Our much anticipated tour leg opening for the Walkmen commenced in New York City at the Bowery Ballroom. We were incredibly psyched for this show; you could argue it was our biggest show to date. Our nervousness may have affected the show, not to mention the fact that Dan and Rob were so sick they looked like walking dead.

March 9, Baltimore
The surprising part of this visit was where we ending up staying. A good friend of Rob’s wife had offered up her place for us, but she said the only person there at the moment was her husband, who none of us had ever met. So in the middle of the afternoon, five strangers show up at this dude’s house, saying his wife said it was okay that we all crash there, like, right now. To Eric’s credit, he invited us all in and got us drinks. Nice!

The Walkmen put on a killer live show, and we realized that we had some work to do in order to get to that level, which is always a sobering notion. To counteract that notion, we went home after the show with Kristen and Eric and drank scotch all night.

(CONTINUED: Click permalink below for more tour diary entries from 3/10-3/23)

March 10, Colombus – Big college town! The show was in a big room, and it was 18+ or all-ages or something, so it was packed with people. We had a really great show and Ross benefited from the chance to really smoke his new amp. Afterwards, we hung a bit more with the folks in Ferraby’s band, drummer Jason, bass player Jacob, and of course the beguiling Erin Armstrong. Most of Ferraby Lionheart’s band/entourage is from Los Angeles, so we had a few things in common, such as fledgling careers in the performing arts.

March 11, Chicago – After some serious highway time, during which Ross learned he must never, ever lie to me, we arrived in Chicago. Jason from Ferraby’s band told us he almost crashed the van in the sudden and heinous Chicago traffic, which surprised nobody. I should say here that Dan and Rob drove the van for this entire trip and did a great job behind the wheel. Personally, I think it’s probably the best possible driving situation.

March 12, Newport –John Shaw and I listened to reggae all night on the balcony of the motel. Below us in the parking lot was a flurry of criminal activity that peaked sometime around 3:30 a.m.

March 13, Texarkana – Worst city in the country, probably.

March 14-17, Austin – We had a killer showcase on the first night of SXSW opening up for Spoon at the Merge showcase at Antone’s. The entire staff from Merge was there for at least part of the festivities, so we played many day parties for their enjoyment and generally made mischief for these four days. Unlike the rest of these shows, there are many blogs that document our various appearances, so I won’t go into much detail here. Basically, John got a bad ear infection, Ham (of the Walkmen) went to jail, and we finally figured out how to do radio appearances without throwing up in our mouths from nervousness.

March 18, New Orleans – Sparsely attended show for both bands, although Rob’s dad put us up in a swank hotel and we felt like real rock stars for one night. Rob’s lovely wife Tina joined the tour in this town, but only after signing a few insurance waivers.

March 19, Tallahassee – We played in this crazy all ages bar right near the college, so this was one of the “crazier” crowds. We got up and jammed with Ferraby and Co. on his great tune ”The Ballad of Gus & Sam” for the first time and slayed goats all over the stage. The talent buyer gave us a great Bob Marley boxed set.

March 20, Athens – My good friend Ted Kamp would describe Athens, GA as “just a groovy little college town” and he would be correct exactly. The 40-Watt is as sick a rock club as you will find anywhere, but the show was only moderately attended, and no one really knows why. We watched Ferraby’s entire set and enjoyed it immensely, and had a mellow party after the show as Ross attempted to recover from food poisoning.

March 21, Asheville – Another college town, although this one was filled with dready hippies; nonetheless, we had a pretty good time. We were told that if we had been playing bluegrass, the place would have been wall-to-wall bodies. As Dan likes to say, “they should have just asked us if we could play it”.

March 22, Chapel Hill – We went to the Merge office for “take your band to work day” and arrived looking like five scruffy, greasy, hungry, dirty guys. Luckily, Spott gave us some CDs to ease the pain, one of which was the just-released, strikingly awesome “Neon Bible”, which would go on to receive somewhere around 500 spins over the ensuing three weeks.

We all love Chapel Hill and we had a great night hanging with Merge folks before, during and after the show. The show was sold out and we had an awesome crowd, which was nice after a relative drought throughout the Deep South. We cooked up a few steaks on stage and had a great old time. Spott introduced us to “a couple of fine, upstanding, good people”. Maggie from Merge was kind enough to let us crash her lovely pad in Durham.

March 23, Washington, DC – Our last show with the Walkmen was a sweaty kickass night. It is hotter than shit in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel, which was a nice enough club but wins the “Most Ridiculous Name” contest by a wide margin. John got the offer on this night to join the Walkmen on trumpet (as he had been doing the whole tour), after the Broken West tour was over on April 16th, which he accepted, despite the fact that it pushed his homecoming in Brooklyn back to April 30th. How can you say no to Hamilton Leithauser?
Alright, I have to go now but the next installment will deal with Canada, The Long Winters, getting back to California (or “Take the Long Way Home”), the Chris Pace adventure, countless Gibson guitars and a host of other great things.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

San Fadyl Memorial & Benefit @ Sound Fix 6/5

(Click on flyer to make larger)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

squirrels. not so very merge related.

We have had a rash of dead squirrels on the corner of our front yard, under a big oak tree. I noticed three at once, and then a month later, one alone. They don't appear to have been hit by cars. They land on the ground spreadeagled, usually on their backs. The most reasonable (and least paranoid) explanation I have come up with is that there must be two electrical wires up there close enough together that occasionally the squirrels manage to touch the two of them and they fry. It's not attractive, the dead squirrels in the yard, but I am not eager to go and pick them up. You can see fleas crawling all over them, and the maggots move in quickly. I don't want to go near. I like to imagine that it also keeps the dogs and their owners away from our yard, which means less dog poop in my yard. Not too bad. I also have to admit to not being very fond of the squirrels. They dig up everything I plant. When I planted blueberry bushes they snapped them off and threw the little stems on the ground. They dig up my flower beds. They pick my tomatoes, take a few bites, and throw them on the ground. They ate every single cherry on the sour cherry tree just before they were ripe enough to pick. My mother suggested that I call the power company and have them come and fix this situation, but then I told her about the cherry tree....she had her eye on those cherries too.

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M. Ward on Conan!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Have you heard the new Spoon song?

The Ghost of you Lingers

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga in stores July 10, 2007. We'll be taking pre-orders here very soon!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Rock*A*Teens love!

Death Cab for Cutie frontman & friend of Merge, Ben Gibbard posted about The Rock*A*Teens on his MOG Blog.

Read the post here!

Listen to The Rock*A*Teens here! and Tenement Halls here!

And Portastatic has a MOG page, too!

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Arcade Fire North Carolina style!

Sure, the desert is cool, but nothing beats a "hometown" crowd! Merge caravans headed up I-40 to the hippy-laden streets of Asheville, NC to see Arcade Fire at the lovely Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. The National opened up, and they were fantastic - definitely check out their new record when it comes out later this month.

The show was incredible and the crowd was appreciative and somehow even managed to sneak in lighters!

Check out the badass video screens! As if Arcade Fire needed something to enhance their already spectacular live shows!

Obligatory "Shirtless guy" in the crowd.

Where there is "Shirtless guy" there is always "Fist-Pumping" guy!

Men of Merge with Tim from Arcade Fire at Whiskey Tavern after the show.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Broken West visit Seattle Grace! Seriously!

Listen closely during tomorrow night's 2 hr Grey's Anatomy episode for The Broken West's hit song Down in the Valley! This episode will be the beginning of the Dr. Addison spin off, Private Practice, so you can expect lots of fireworks!

McRoss, McBrian, McRob, McDan, & McJon will be starting the second leg of their blistering tour schedule on May 21st in Denver, CO. Full dates here!

Oh, and don't forget to listen to The Broken West on NPR's World Cafe today!

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