Monday, November 10, 2008

Lambchop & Wye Oak cheer Obama to victory in a European truckers' lounge!

email & photos sent to Merge from Wye Oak

Hey Pals,

I'm sure everyone over at Merge HQ has had a spring in their step in the last few days. We each breathed a huge sigh of relief when the election returns came in. As it happened, we were on a ferry boat between England and France when the election got called. We (Jenn and myself, and the members of Dr. Dog) all huddled around the only television we could find, in the commercial truckers' lounge on the boat, and watched Obama make his speech. And who should we happen to run into in that lounge but Kurt Wagner and his Lambchop team! They were on the same boat, headed for continental Europe to play some shows. We all shared a drink in the spirit of hope and then parted ways. Since then, everyone over here at our European shows has been in high spirits about the shift in US politics. It's a great time to be American!

Andy + Jenn


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