Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scots In Sweden

The lovely Camera Obscuras have been posting daily recording updates from Stockholm on their blog, with plenty of typed thought regarding the new album, Dr. Who, drinking, and ABBA--everything you'd expect from our Scottish friends:
I just turned on my computer to discover that some cheeky scamp from the band has replaced my lovely Doctor Who Timecrash desktop (my first laptop had a lovely 2nd Doctor desktop sitting at the TARDIS console with a 500 year diary and my second had a lovely Daleks vs Cybermen scene from the Battle of Canary Wharf, so it only seemed right that my this one continued the Who related desktop theme) (Timecrash was the wee 10 minute special Steven Moffat wrote where the 10th Doctor meets the 5th Doctor, and how happy am i that Steven Moffat is taking over from Russell T davies after next year (yes folks, its magic news) but i digress) has been replaced by a beautiful picture of ABBA in which they appear to be dressed in tinfoil (i say dressed, half dressed would be a more appropriate description).

There's plenty of good stuff there--I swear they talk about recording plenty, it's just Gavin's Dr. Who tangents tickle me so--so spend some time reading through the postings from the past couple weeks.

To keep your mind on Scotland, here's the version of "Eighties Fan" (mp3) from the band's long-since-out-of-print Rare UK Bird EP.



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