Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Caribou Tour Diary: Goodbye, North America

photo by Dave Evans

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so today (may 4th) would've been my last day with caribou but unfortunately Brad Weber is still out of commission. fortunately for me i will going to europe with caribou to finish off their may dates. i couldn't be more excited as i have never played shows outside of north america.

my old band was supposed to do a european tour but we broke up prior to starting the tour. it was a bummer but i am now making up for that by playing probably some of the biggest shows that i will ever play in my life (ATP festival).

the u.s. dates have been absolutely incredible. i think about how incredibly blessed i have been to be a part of this band for this short period of time. it has really helped me re-gain my confidence. after i had to cancel my own tour i was struggling to find out how the hell i would re-coup my losses and start over. being out with caribou has definitely put things into perspective and the advice that i have received from the guys is irreplaceable. i still think of what i would be doing had i not received that phone call or, rather, if my van did not break down and i got an email while on the road.

it might be a little harder for me to update this blog while in europe but i will do my best.

Recent Playlist:
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Tambourine Ensemble
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Human Arts Ensemble: Under The Sun
D'Angelo: Voodoo
Erykah Badu: Mamma's Gun
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Amnesty: Free-Your-Mind: The 700 West Sessions

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