Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Top 10 Lists: Gary, Steve and Jeffrey from Big Dipper!

We'll be releasing a 3-disc Big Dipper retrospective in March and the band will be re-forming for some shows in April! Check out an mp3 of She's Fetching!

Gary Waleik's Top 10(s):

Top Ten LP's I've rediscovered now that I've reconnected my turntable:

1) Here Come the Warm Jets - Brian Eno
2) A Different Kind of Tension - Buzzcocks
3) Ringo - Ringo Starr
4) Volume, Contrast, Brilliance - The Monochrome Set
5) Aphrodesia - Jackie Gleason
6) Chairs Missing - Wire
7) June 1, 1974 - Kevin Ayers
8) A Nice Pair - Pink Floyd
9) Lolita Nation - Game Theory
10) You Broke My Heart in Seventeen Places - Tracy Ullman

Top Ten Wax Cylinders I've Rediscovered Now That I've Repaired
the Victrola:

1) Man Will Never Walk on the Moon - Grumpy Gus and His Nattering

2) Prohibition is Next to Godliness - The Idle Rich Christian
Women's Abstinence League Choir

3) The Depression is Good for People Like You and Me - Bootstrap
Bob and the Blue Collar Self-Haters

4) I Foresee a Time Fifty Years Hence When a Band Called Guided
By Voices Emerges from Dayton, Ohio
- Honolulu Slim
5) Lye Soap Blues - The Yonkers Boys Choir
6) Gee, Ain't Mississippi Swell? - The Hudson Bay Chorus
7) Young, Loud and Snotty - Dead Boys
8) A Tribute to Lightnin' Hopkins - Lawrence Welk and His

9) The Hanukkah Variations - Richard Wagner
10) You're A Grand Old Flag - Theodore Roosevelt and the Fifty
Ninth United States Congress Glee Club

Steve Michener's Top 10 Music Business deaths in 2007:

1)Lee Hazlewood....What can you say? He discovered
Duane Eddy and gave Nancy Sinatra a career. One of the
2)Luciano Pavarotti....Quick, name the other two
3)Porter Waggoner....Leaving this world with a
satisfied mind.
4)Denny Doherty....Mamas and Papas singer AND Canadian
citizen. We all should accomplish so much in one
5)Max of the greatest drummers of all
6)Boots Randolph.....Composed and played 'Yakety Sax',
the theme song to Benny Hill. If there were a god it
would have been Benny who got the brain hemmorrhage.
7)Robert Goulet....I'll give him a pass on his lame
music career since he was Wheezy the penguin in Toy
Story 2.
8)Bobby 'Boris' Pickett....Born in Somerville,MA, he
wrote 'Monster Mash' in 30 minutes and spent the rest
of his life cashing BMI checks.
9)Don Ho....Brought Hawaiian music to the mainstream
with nary a slack key guitar in sight. Not one of the
10)Hilly Kristal....Owner of CBGBs where I spent some
of the best nights of my musical life.

Jeffrey Oliphant's Top 10 Fun Things from 2007:

1) ELO - Time
2) Fountains Of Wayne - Utopia Parkway
3) Brian Adams - Greatest Hits
4) Smart
5) Nikki Sixx- Heroin Diaries
6) The Future For Investors - Jeremy J Siegel
7) Yahoo Fantasy Sports
8) Michael Savage Radio Show
9) Moon Bats
10) Connells - Ring

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Blogger Mr. Ahhh "The Arctic Cat" said...

I'm confused. The Dead Boys on a wax cylinder recording?

January 3, 2008 at 11:59:00 AM EST  
Blogger ohmerge said...

ummm...i think it's supposed to be a "funny"...haha?

January 3, 2008 at 12:38:00 PM EST  

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