Friday, January 19, 2007

MERGE - Best Of 2006 - The Lists (FINAL ENTRY)

LAURA BALLANCE (Merge Records/Superchunk)
(*Pictured here with Julia Rydholm of the Essex Green & Ladybug Transistor)

Well, normally I don't do these top ten things, and I wasn't going to this year either. I have a two year old baby, and I really am still all about that and can't seem to fall too hard for anything that does not have to do with her or feeding or entertaining her, and who wants to hear about that!? When I saw that Mac was put up on this blog as "our fearless leader" I had to wonder what my title, as the other half of the Merge foundation would be according to the publicity department. Curiosity overcame me. It could easily be "Our Fearful Leader" as that seems to be my role very often! You gotta have someone saying "No, No, No!" Anyway, who am I to say no one wants to read about my preoccupation with food and children's books? There are parents I know of who like Merge. Maybe they will like reading this. - Laura

1. The Story Of Ferdinand: One of my favorite kid's books of all time, plus the name a friend of ours 5 foot blacksnake buddy, who accidentally wound up at our house when his truck was brought over to our house for repair. The snake came out of the truck and all sorts of wacky hijinks ensued in order to get him captured so that he could be safely transported back to the farm where he belonged. We have told the story several times. The Story of Ferdinand.

2. Owl Babies: a very sweet story, that I don't mind reading over and over again.

3. Making yogurt: I learned how to make yogurt this year, and I feel seriously empowered.

4. Salty licorice

5. Tortellini Soup: chicken stock, parm rind, garlic, tortellini, kale, a little salt. Can't beat it.

6. Ron's bread: This amazing man in our neighborhood, who in real life is some sort of scientist, becomes a baking superman on the weekends and makes the best bread I have ever eaten and delivers it, piping hot, to our houses.

7. Pomegranates, avocados, artichokes, sweet potatoes, and tiny bananas. Wow, is it possible that I am hungry?

8. The Portastatic/ Lambchop/ M. Ward show at the Cradle. We got a sitter and both the husband and I went out, and man, it was worth it.

9. The Science of Sleep. Ok, I saw two movies this year, this one and Borat. I was definitely NOT into Borat, much to my disappointment..

10. Sweet Juniper: a blog about being a parent. They like music too.

(ED note: We started out these Best of 2006 lists back before the holidays with an entry from Superchunk and Merge co-founder Mac McCaughan. Many thanks to everyone who took part and to all of you who left your comments (sorry about the lack of Bejar, I tried, really, I tried!!) Now, what better way to wrap things up than with an entry from the other (usually silent in these matters) half of our leadership team - our fearful leader? ... ( I kid Laura, really, I kid - Look!! You contributed to the blog!!)...Hope you all enjoyed the fun. Until next year... - martin)


Blogger Podcast Rant said...

Thanks for trying Martin. Dan's list last year turned me on to some great albums I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Still though with the lists that were posted, I have a lot to listen to.

January 22, 2007 at 9:07:00 AM EST  

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