Friday, June 27, 2008

Ladybug Transistor Sugarhill Session

Want to learn something about the Ladybug Transistor? Want to hear some great Ladybug tunes? Who doesn't! Sugarhill (shout out to Houston!) did a studio session and interview with our favorite Brooklyn baritone and his merry band of . . . well, bandmates. For instance, here we see some of Kyle's thoughts on the recording process:

Kyle: ...when you're in a real studio like this, you have this nervousness about... you have a certain amount of time, you have to decide what you're going to do, you have to play a take you didn't mess up on . . .
SugarHill: You have to be efficient.
Kyle: But when you're recording at Gary's house . . . you could always do it later.

You can also learn all about Julia's heroic nature, Gary's love of photographing food, the band being aimlessly driven around Moscow after hailing a random car, and on, and on. It is truly excellent.

A tracklist (with interviews interspersed throughout):

-Always on the Telephone
-Nico Norte
-Oriental Boulevard -> Three Days from Now
-Everybody's Missing the Sun
-This Old Chase
-Lord Don't Pass Me By

Download an mp3 of this show right away! (length: 44:51, size: 60.6 MB)



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